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One of the Leading Frozen foods Exporting Factories<br />

We are International Industrial Group (AIN) Located in Port Said, the northern entrance of Suez Canal (The most important waterway in the WORLD) Since the founding of the Group in 2008 AIN Group has focused on product knowledge, innovation, creativity and hard work. This cooperative philosophy has lead us to become a benchmark company in the Frozen vegetables and fruits market in addition to being one of the Egyptian exporting companies working in the field of frozen foods.
What we DO :
AIN Group produces a complete range of frozen vegetables, fruits and Jams offering our customers the best quality and services, at a very competitive price.
Besides commercial achievements and customers focus, We VALUE business ethics, credibility, loyalty and friendship.
Holds an ISO 22000, ISO 18001, ISO 9001
Recorded through the FOOD EXPORT COUNCIL

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